Going digital – Pathways for Orthodontic Success

Guest speakers:

Dr Rafi Romano, Dr Ebru Cetinkaya Tokmak, Dr Adam Jowett
Moderator: Chris Barrow

To accompany this event, we prepared a Speaker Guide – sharing some top tips to support the shift to a digital restorative practice.

  Download Speaker Guide PDF


This event is designed to inspire and guide orthodontists considering transforming their practice from analogue to digital. Moving to digital provides myriad opportunities, such as enabling practice growth, team and patient communication, flexible and efficient working and improving patient care.

Many of these benefits are available as soon as you make your first scan, while other opportunities evolve as you develop and grow your digital experience.

Our guest speakers have been specially invited to share their unique perspectives on the digital journey - representing differing points in change, digital growth and adoption – sharing essential advice from their real-world experience.

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